FSCP Solutions Inc.

Solutions for the Finance User

With extensive experience in the Oracle ERP space FSCP Solutions Inc. will be able to help your company understand system capabilities, drive methodologies and efficiently implement the suite of applications in the shortest possible time, on-time and under budget.


FSCP Solutions Inc. will enable you to clearly identify, document business processes and help map these to systems to complete automation.


With real-time business scenarios (based on previously documented business processes) and proven “test scenario” methodologies FSCP Solutions Inc. will enable a rollout of these processes, supporting systems, controls and reporting framework, in a domestic or global environment


FSCP Solutions Inc. will help to visualize and resolve in a logical manner the following system impacts


¨ Forex Issues

¨ Multi-currency issues

¨ Consolidation processes

¨ Inter-Company

¨ Statutory Requirements

¨ Inherent Controls

¨ Testing methodologies

¨ Best Practices


The services FSCP Solutions Inc. provides you will be in these following areas


· Finance Process establishment and documentation

· Controls (inherent and external) appropriate to your environment

· Training designed for your organization

· Design and deployment of above

· Testing for adherence and gaps/fallouts and remediation


For a more detailed description of the projects have been completed please use the Project List link to get details.


Think Globally!

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