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The onset of computerized systems to support all aspects of business processes has made it imperative to understand process flow and it impact on the enterprise. This is much more crucial now, due to process changes that impact systems within a short time span.

Due largely to the complexity of the enterprise systems - changes to process, configuration, and transactional flow can have impacts that are far reaching and - in many cases - unexpected results.

The current financial climate is leading to a closer scrutiny of processes and systems at companies. This makes it important to be pro-active in managing risk, mitigating it and addressing control issues.

FSCP Solutions Inc. will partner with you in the task of evaluating, designing, and implementing system control measures to be compliant in key areas of systems and processes. These will cover your business processes, system controls and will leverage the inherent capability of the systems in place at your enterprise.

FSCP Solutions Inc. will help you design, build, document, and implement processes and controls around your current systems in use. These will help in mitigating compliance risk and also ensure efficient usage of system and IT resources.

To help users and supervisors gauge and proactively react to risks and their impact on controls the aspects of this new business-system model that need review are

 Risk assessment

 Mitigating risk factors, with controls (checks and balances)

 Process ownership

 Global perspective

FSCP Solutions Inc. has resources that have expertise and experience in both financial and system process worlds and help you combine this knowledge to define appropriate controls within your processes and systems to ensure system controls and mitigate risk.


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